Community EVENT: Re-Energizing Your Family Life with Carrie Contey//Aug 13th

Happy Summer!

We are excited to share that Carrie Contey will visit TKG on August 13th, 6:30pm.  Please join us!

“Re-Energizing Your Family Life”

How to feel more connected, have more fun, and flow as a family (every single day)!

In my work as a parenting coach/educator the number one question I get asked is, “How can I get my kids to do what I need them to do without screaming, negotiating and bribing?!?!?”

In this 90 minute talk I will share the new science of cooperation through connection that will allow you to:

» Minimize meltdowns (your kids and your own)
» Know what to do when meltdowns occur
» Motivate your little ones with minimal effort for smoother transitions
» Understand, read and respond to your child’s brain state
» Take better care of yourself so you can parent with ease and intention
» Foster deep connection now, for great relationship later
» Be more intentional in family life for the short and long-haul

Participants will leave this workshop with their parenting tool box filled with new and effective strategies for making day-to-day family life easier, more fun and deeply satisfying.


Questions?  Please email us.

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