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“A bird is safe in its nest – but that is not what its wings are made for.”

― Amit Ray, World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird
Community at TKG
Writing Practice with the Redwoods

Monthly Meeting 101

TKG Community Meetings are the cornerstone to building community here. The meetings are held throughout the school year as an opportunity to connect as families, discuss ongoing plans and updates, and to support our shared goal of continuing education in the TKG way. This is one of the things that you elected by enrolling at TKG – a commitment to building community here, one relationship at a time!

Regardless of the number of hours you PT, monthly meetings are required events designed to bring the whole TKG community of children and adults together. It is a time to gather together with people who share ideas, friendships and commonalities. For the parent who is not usually a part of the daily running of the classrooms, it is an important opportunity to interact with the other adults, children and teachers who are with their children daily. For the parent who is connected to TKG on a daily basis, it is an opportunity to relax and talk to other parents who they might not work with regularly. For every adult, it is a chance for parent education on a wide variety of topics and information sharing about TKG events and affairs.

For the children, it is an opportunity to see their parents actively engaged in their school and connecting with other families. They too, have the opportunity to participate in a mini-workshop that is tied to the theme of the adult meeting while in the care of loving TKG teachers.

A Monthly Meeting Overview (see the why, above!):

  • Who: Parents, care-givers, family members who share in the TKG journey
  • Where: TKG lower courtyard- bring your own lawn chairs or comfortable, personal seating
  • What: There are 4 community meetings this year. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from every teacher throughout the year and a different set of classrooms will host the potluck each meeting.
  • When (for this Saturday’s meeting):
9-9:30 family potluck picnic- bring your own cups, plates and utensils (supports our environmental stewardship value)
9:30 Children’s Meeting & Play Begins (childcare)
9:30-11:30 Parent Meeting
What to Bring:
– $10 per family for childcare (please see Sign Up link below)
– TKG binder
– lawn/beach chairs
– water bottles, hats, sunglasses
– personal picnic supplies including a coffee/tea mug, for each family memberThank you for making the time to join the monthly meeting. We strive to create a place where every member of our community feels safe and supported in expressing their thoughts and ideas. We view education as a true partnership between parents, teachers, children and community. We view connection as the most direct way to build trust and resolve conflicts.Please contact Lena Garcia with any questions. Thank you to all the parents who are part of the set up/clean up team as well as administrative support in organizing the day.


Lena Garcia, Head of Education – Teacher Mentor
Trish Valdez, School Business Manager
Shannon Minor, Board President
Facebook (private group), Community Forum
Shutterfly Site: photo archive
OFFICIAL CALENDAR: subscribe and never miss an event

An Example of an Open Classroom
“Open Classroom” inspires TKG!


  • Monthly Meeting (this Sat) Checklist. Please bring:
    • $10 per family for childcare (use this link to register)
    • Host Families, sign up here (for breakfast pot luck)
    • TKG binder
    • beach/lawn chair or comfortable seating spot
    • water bottles, hats, sunglasses
    • personal picnic supplies including a coffee/tea mug, for each family member (supports our environmental stewardship value)
  • THANK YOU. Thank you for your plasma car donations – students are LOVING them!
  • Supplies Needed: glass jars with lids & empty/clean coffee tins. Deliver glass jars to Nature Growers and tins to Acorns.
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Parent & Me Playgroup


PT Schedule – Oct 2-7

  • Branches Team Meeting, Mon 2 Oct @ drop off at the park. We are excited to work with you!
  • Riviera Nails Fundraiser, Wed 4 Oct/All Day. Get your self-care treatments and support TKG through you “magic number” contribution.
Parent Teachers at TKG
Sign Up for Monthly Meeting Childcare


  • Oct Tuition, Now Due. Please pay your monthly invoice or contact Trish with questions by Oct 5.
  • Admin Office Hours Focus, Wed 4 Oct 9-10am: Middle-School/Junior High. In this hour, our focus will be on solidifying our jr. High vision.
  • Fall School Pictures, Thr 5 Oct. Alice will be snapping individual and group photos on Thur am! Students should come as they are.
LEARN MORE: Parent & Me Playgroup/Parent Education
TKG - Be Free!


In Education News: Social Justice
TKG Focus: SOCIAL JUSTICE. Is there an owner of rights? At TKG, we work hard to cultivate an environment where the teachers/parents/adults are not seen as despotic authoritarians and where students have a voice in establishing their rights & responsibilities. Carefully and continuously, we all work to find the balance of respect and collaboration to meet needs. This is based on a democratic and interactive process – one we hope they will carry with them on their journey for justice…

When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression’

*   *   *
By Chris Boeskool/HuffpostI’ve never been punched in the face. Not in an actual fight, at least. I’m not much of a fighter, I suppose… more of an “arguer.” I don’t think I’m “scared” to get into a fight, necessarily — there have been many times I have put myself in situations where a physical fight could easily have happened.

I just can’t see myself ever being the guy who throws the first punch, and I’m usually the kind of guy who DE-escalates things with logic or humor. And one of the things about being that sort of person, is that the other sort of guy — the sort who jumps into fights quickly — tends to not really be a big fan of me. Not when he first meets me, at least. They usually like me later. Not always. You can’t win ‘em all…

When I moved to Nashville, I didn’t really know anyone. I got a job as a server on my second day here. And before long, I was one of the servers the management favored, which meant I got better shifts, better sections and better money.

About nine months after I had been there, a new guy started. We instantly disliked each other. He didn’t like my smart mouth, and I didn’t like how he walked in and immediately acted like he owned the place. He carried himself with this annoying confidence — like it was his world, and he would tolerate our being in it, as long as…

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