Mindful Parenting @ TKG – November 29

Mindful Parenting @ TKG – November 29

Cultivating our students’ intrinsic interests and potential in the form of passion projects has been a defining experience at TKG. Our structure is built around nurturing lifelong learning, for students and parents alike. One of our founders, Lena Garcia is sharing her personal project of developing and supporting ceremony and ritual to heal and celebrate life transitions in personalized and transformative ways. Join Lena at the Happily Family conference starting on November 28th: https://conference.happilyfamily.com/

It’s an event dedicated to answering the question: How do I help my child, and my family, to thrive in all areas of our lives?

The 25 conference presenters match TKG themes by bringing together families who have the experience of:

  • Wanting to use connection and understanding to help their child manage their feelings and behaviors (rather than threats or bribes)
  • Being curious about when to have healthy boundaries and when to let things slide
  • Having a sensitive, strong willed, bright, spirited, or special needs child in the family (or teach one)
  • Wanting expert advice to guide children to make friends, stay motivated, do their best and yet feel loved no matter what

Please let us know if you join the conference and we’d love to meet up with you to reflect!

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