Mask A Rave 2020

This year, we took our Mask-a-Rave tradition…to the great outdoors! Join our mask-making adventure with this video prompt (thanks to our teacher, Noelle). In years of before COVID, we would have a carnival with games, art, and play while featuring our masks and learning about cultures that are similar and different to our own. Often, there are authentic ways to incorporate mask making and learning. Watch our throwback video, by TKG co-founder Magdalena Garcia.

Embracing the dramatically different, we talked about “different experiences” of masks. Some cultures use masks for ceremony or theatre; some use them to honor life events like death. As usual, teachers will collaborate with their students to find and boost emergent themes. To keep distance in our celebration this year, we’ll have mostly individual projects and share our creations with a distanced parade or presentation (students will decide this week); and because we have some students who are fully remote, we included them with take-home mask-making kits to join our celebration.View more  photos on our FBPage.

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