Triangle Conferences – A Snapshot

At TKG, we believe that students are people who are developing in their own way and at their own rate.  We favor a holistic approach to assessment that includes academic, social, and emotional development of each child.  Therefore, assessment of progress is through anecdotal observation, individual student conferences, formative assessments, self-directed rubrics, and authentic assessments.  There are no letter grades or ratings.  Students are part of the assessment process by reflecting, preparing portfolios and participating in parent & teacher conferences. We believe that leading children toward measures of achievement in terms of their personal best, is empowering.

For deep learning to really flourish, student, teacher, and parent are fully committed to learning and problem solving, together. As a way of providing real-time information about student progress and official documentation we offer the following tools. More details are listed below:

  • A personal academic trajectory
  • Social-Emotional snapshot
  • Written narratives
  • Student Portfolios/Reflection
  • Triangle Conferences (Student/Parent/Teacher participation)
  • Teacher Office Hours


This is TKG’s academic learning report. It includes the highest-level Common Core standards. We do not include every single standard because students who are proficient in the highest-level standard have very likely built upon the detail standards guided by their teacher’s personalized curriculum. This information is often more detailed than what you might see on a typical report card but we feel the details, along with the documentation of process, is valuable to help teachers collaborate year over year.


TKG’s snapshot is an overview, processed through your teacher’s relationship with your student and his/her/their social-emotional development. The rubric, more of a framework instead of checklist, for this snapshot is:

Beginning (B) – can do with continuous, personalized support
Practicing (P) – moving towards independent success (frequent support needed)
Independent (I)- can demonstrate independently (minimal support needed)
Extending (E) – can demonstrate completely independently in multiple contexts with creativity and empowerment


Because learning is not a linear experience that is achieved on a timeline, this narrative represents a look into how the Snapshot and the Trajectory connect.

Student Reflection/Example of Learning Process

Students are empowered to be active participants in their learning and development. Student reflection can take many forms and as a Triangle, we share in our student’s connection to life-long learning! We encourage sharing that is going on at home and we offer an abundance of photos from our learning adventures.

We welcome your questions about conferences, our documentation, and your feedback (or curiosity) about your conference experience. Please email us to continue the discussion!

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