From Under Our Big Tree: Week 10 at TKG

Week 10: Travel & Transporation Evolves…

Discoveries at TKG
Week 9’s topic may have stated “Transportation and Travel” but ultimately we learned most about each other and how we communicate.  We learned that some falls are silly because we are being “clumsy kitties,” while other falls really hurt.  With each unique situation we are learning about how to read body languageto help us understand our friends a little better.We offered new creative options and painted outside; and were reminded that it feels good when someone checks in before painting on your paper.We shared words of encouragementwhile building sailboats “I have a feeling mine isn’t going to float” was followed by another student chiming in, “Well, test it.”We discovered we can communicate in words other than English and some of us can count to ten in Chinese or Spanish! 10 will continue with the transportation and travel theme.  Monday we will be meeting at the park.  A rocket ship is an exciting mode of transportation and I can’t wait to learn more about them. in the week, we will test and redesign our sailboats and explore new modes of transportation.  We will also explore history and language arts as it relates to Thanksgiving and the high seas and follow the learning path that reveals itself.

We will also continue a learning project that Greenie, my workshop kitty, began last week.  Greenie is fascinated by numbers. (Don’t worry; his main passion is still green food.)   If the other kitties have a set of objects Greenie takes a picture of those objects along with a written number.  Greenie also loves pictures from home.  Feel free to email or text me any pictures as Greenie is only a kitten and does not have a phone yet.  Hmm, I wonder what counting to ten in kitten sounds like.
Happy Learning,
Michelle Goldbach-Johnson

Growth: Themes & Plans

Week 10 will focus on the following developmental concepts:

Leading and participating in meetings
Checking in with the teacher before leaving playground or classroom

Gaining confidence and independence
Acknowledging others’ feelings

Large Motor Skills; Balancing on one foot, climbing, running, jumping, etc.
Fine Motor Skills; drawing, cutting, building, painting, opening snack, etc.

Transportation from long ago, today, and the future
Word order changes meaning
Numbers 0-30

Parents Have the Power to Nurture More Peaceful Children:

Garden Maintenance (from the TKG Office)

Friendly remindersfrom Admin:

  • Please bring your family picture (a small 3×5 photo in a simple frame or cover)
  • Your cartons, rolls, tape and “trash” donations are much appreciated, please bring them to classroom days

Thank you Families!

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Parent Volunteer Schedule for Week 9:

Monday (park day) – Family G
Thursday– Family M


Clear your calendars for Monday, January 30th.  Melody Elder M.A. Ed will faciliate “Changing Education Paradigms”.
Resource Of The Week:

What prevents us from speaking out?

Preventing and Reporting Child Abuse: The Questions Raised by the Penn State Scandal

“WHAT prevents us from speaking out, not ignoring what we see, paying attention to these gut feelings, checking them out, talking with a friend or colleague about them, and ultimately taking action to alert the proper authorities?”


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