Community Newsletter-Week #34 Redwoods Class (Ages 9-11)

“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters – 204 if you’re in Japan.” 

― Claire Cook, Seven Year Switch

Listen. Learn. Know.


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Tending the Garden – Father’s Day Hug is this Friday @ Drop Off
Parent Teacher Tools – Fundraiser and Self-care this WED
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In Education News – Harness the power of the adolescent brain
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This week’s newsletter is written by Jen Ceci, Redwoods Math Teacher

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Jen Ceci, Redwoods Math Teacher
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Monica Evangelist, Board President
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  • Father’s Day Hug, Fri 9 June @ drop off. Dads and Dad energy givers! Take an extra few minutes to hug your sprout this day. We’ll have light refreshments and festivity.
  • Portfolio Shares, Sat 10 Jun.Thank you for signing up. We are looking forward to sharing with you.There is childcare! Contact your teacher with any questions.
  • Friendship Books. Remember gathering signatures in your yearbook? This year, TKG is offering photobooks for students to sign books, make connections and add to our end of year traditions! All students will receive one and a $10 donation is requested to cover the cost of the books and printing. Make your donation now. Thank you to Nichole Cortese and Cynthia LaCharite for their leadership and support.


PTs This Week

  • TUE:Kang, Assadi, Lee
  • WED: Cater, Dokmanovich
  • THR: Williams, Ceci, Minor, Rossfeld
  • FRI: Beadle, Wilkoff, Sclafani, Wardwell, Lee, Williams, LaCour

  • Riviera Nails Fundraiser, 7 Jun all day. Get your summer color and support TKG. That’s shiny.
  • TKG Tours. Continuing this week! Thanks for helping us welcome our extended community.
Ask Ian the Rocket Scientist (Questions Answered!)


  • TKG Shop. We finally have t-shirts!!! Beginning next week, we’ll have official TKG t-shirts available for $10 each. Pre-order yours now –(beta mode) sizes range from childrens XS to adult XL.
  • Passion Party Fundraiser, Sun 11 Jun, 2-4. Tickets are still available to this cool crafty afternoon. Contact Lacey by Thursday Jun 8th.
  • Summer Meet Ups. Are you available to “host” a TKG gathering this summer? It can be as simple as a park meet up or an excursion out somewhere! Send Trish your date and general plan and she’ll coordinate with you to make it available to the community. Rock climbing night? Pool party? Popsicles at the park? Yes!
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In Education News: Whole Child
TKG Focus: BRAIN FUNCTION & DEVELOPMENT. In preparing for our next (to be named) cohort, understanding the neuroscience at work in these students’ brains is at the center of advancing their academic and social/emotional learning. The next few years represent a neurological reorganization that will bring meaningful experiences. It will be up to us to nurture an environment challenges, engages and satisfies the search for novelty and independence.

Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain

*   *   *

By Katrina Schwartz/MindShift

It has become a cultural cliché that raising adolescents is the most difficult part of parenting. It’s common to joke that when kids are in their teens they are sullen, uncommunicative, more interested in their phones than in their parents and generally hard to take. But this negative trope about adolescents misses the incredible opportunity to positively shape a kid’s brain and future life course during this period of development.

“[Adolescence is] a stage of life when we can really thrive, but we need to take advantage of the opportunity,” said Temple University neuroscientist Laurence Steinberg at a Learning and the Brain conference in Boston. Steinberg has spent his career studying how the adolescent brain develops and believes there is a fundamental disconnect between the popular characterizations of adolescents and what’s really going on in their brains.

Read More @Mind/Shift
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