Healthy Sexuality – Meeting 3

Healthy Sexuality – Meeting 3

Welcome to our Healthy Sexuality learning and support group. This is our agenda for our 3rd meeting, on Tuesday May 4, via Zoom (of course!). Thank you for sharing in our circle of trust.

Parent Check-In

What is alive today?

Guiding Topics

Review Week 2 Summary (the sea animals!): Healthy Sexuality.Meeting 2

  • Sexuality is a concept encompassing more than just puberty and reproduction
  • Nurturing an appreciation of self supports strengthening your/your child’s position on values such as gender roles, peer pressure, relationships, and body image
  • Identifying prejudice and stereotypes leads to combatting discrimination

(OWL Framework/Printout available, Philosophy & Goals Framework May 5, 2020)

Parent Resources

Our mission is to gather for learning and support, regularly. We agree that we want to be available and authentic as we guide our students through their physical development with openness and truthfulness.

Value Compass Questions (see the Summary above)

Student Group (webinar) Opportunities @ SexPositive Families

Planned Parenthood Youtube Playlist

See our notes and resources from Meeting 2. Book recommendations are in Meeting 1.

Contact us for more information. Development isn’t waiting for distance-learning to be over!

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