First Day of School Traditions

First Day of School Traditions

Not your typical first day around here, our #firstdayofschool traditions include play, building relationships, and sunflowers. These traditions were designed to build a community that can work through just about anything.

First, play. Play is a child’s work. You can’t standardize learning through play and that’s why it trips everyone up. It is unseen learning but, it is so important because it develops executive function, the life skills that will support a healthy, fulfilling life of learning. That’s why we prioritize it on the first few days of school.

Then, relationships. Our mission statement reads:

The Knowing Garden Elementary School offers a collaborative and interactive approach to education for people who want to be empowered by learning through relationship with self, others, and the environment.

Everything we do is based in relationship and respect for our fellow humans. We see this as a fundamental value for being part of this community.

Finally, sunflowers. They bring joy, they heal, they nourish. We offer them to students in ceremony as a reminder of the relationships that help us learn.

Have a peek at our first day!

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