TKG Update – Sept 2023

As of this new school year, we will not be enrolling. What started as a community dream in 2011, had a beautiful run. Not only did we thrive, we survived the pandemic and pivoted and truly embraced the outdoor classroom that was always a part of vision. We are proud of the work we did to support children in our 12 years. That was, and remains, our mission: to empower young people with the hopes that this work will establish a framework for healthy self-awareness throughout their learning lives.

Join us in saying goodbye to our beautiful community effort, The Knowing Garden. We will make it a moment on November 18th – please join us. If you are in the area, stop by our garage sale (Palos Verdes + Torrance Blvd), the week before, on the 11th. Books, shelving, #homeschoolsupplies, manipulatives, did we say books? FREE TO ALUMNI & STAFF ❤️Stay tuned for updates and more information. #gratitudecircle 2011-2023

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